GirlsRunFast Virtual 5k & 10k - Virtual Run Package

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5k or 10k VIRTUAL RUN

Here is your way to take part in this epic event no matter where you are! You'll get:

  1. An AWESOME GirlsRunFast shirt
  2. A HUGE (and awesome) GirlsRunFast Medal
  3. One (1) 5k and (1) 10k sticker
  4. Ten (10) Tattoos

What you get
You get the shirt, medal, 5k or 10k sterling silver race tag, a 5k and 10k reflective sticker and 10 tattoos!

GirlsRunFast ambassadors, this one is PERFECT for you!

Virtual Event Details

  1. Register for the virtual run
  2. We ship your stuff immdiately
  3. Run your distance
  4. Post your results from your device on our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter
    1. Post an image and use the hashtag #girlsrunfast
    2. Post, "I just signed up for a virtual race with #girlsrunfast!"