GirlsRunFast Women's 5k, 10k and Challenge Sponsorship

Why become a sponsor?

We have started something. Something big and something fun where women runners can enjoy a great run and get some really cool bling while doing it! This is a chance to reach 300+ women from nearly every demographic.

Not just your average race where you get a shirt and a medal but a race where you get AMAZING bling too!  We’re more about building a community of runners that enjoy a challenge and want to walk away happy, refreshed and with new friends!

  • Exposure for your company at minimal cost
  • Get known as a supporter of health, fitness and wellness
  • Build a community sense of togetherness along with other local organizations
  • Participate in the inaugural running event run by the valley’s best race director
  • Create pride in your organization by being known as a race sponsor
  • Raise awareness as a Tempe area sponsor

You will be the ONLY sponsor in your vertical. No two vendors will be the same. (ex. Massage)

Sponsor Pricing

A huge THANK YOU to our sponsors! Without them we'd never be able to keep your prices so low and give you so much bling!

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